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Tesla’s Powerwall Battery

Tesla is an energy innovation company, not merely an automotive company. Tesla Energy has introduced a number of batteries in order to assist homes, businesses and utilities move away from dependence on fossil fuels and to a sustainable energy future. The aim is to use the batteries to provide backup power, manage power demand and increase grid resilience.

Tesla’s Powerwall is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which has been designed to enable residences to store energy. One of the aims of the battery is to assist with load shifting – the battery can charge during low rate periods when demand is less and electricity is less expensive, and then that power can be used during peak demand times, when electricity is more expensive. In this way the battery will be of financial benefit to the owner.

The battery will also help the owner to increase the consumption of their own self-generated solar power. The battery is able to store surplus solar energy not used at the time it is generated – this energy can then be used by the consumer at times when it is needed and even when the sun is not shining. This means that

Powerwall also offers backup functionality in the event of a power outage.

Powerwall is available in 10kWh which is optimized for using as a backup power source, or 7kWh which is for daily use. Both can provide backup power, and both can be connected with solar or the grid. The 10kWh Powerwall can provide power when the grid goes down, meaning that you have power during the most difficult situations. The 7kWh Powerwall works well when paired with solar as it extends the environmental and cost benefits of solar by providing power when it is needed the most – at night.

Tesla Energy for Businesses is a storage system which allows businesses to capture the full potential of the solar arrays of the facility. The aim is to store the excess solar power that has been generated for later use and to ensure there is power to use at all times. Tesla Energy for Businesses anticipates periods of high usage and discharges power over that time, meaning that there is a substantial reduction in the demand charge component of the energy bills of the business. The system is designed to maximise the consumption of on-site clean power, to enable the business to buy electricity when it is the least expensive and avoid peak demand charges. Businesses may also be able to participate in grid services and so get paid by utilities for their input into the grid. Of course, one of the major advantages for businesses is to backup critical business operations in case of a power outage.

Tesla also has energy systems for utilities, which are capable of 2hr or 4hr continuous net discharge power using grid tied bi-directional inverters.